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Help Build Bridges to Connect Our World!

Today, the role that CASA@AUC plays is as essential as ever. The need has never been greater for Americans to master the Arabic language and understand the Arab world. At the heart of Cairo, AUC’s CASA program makes this cultural connection possible.

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Support CASA…in Cairo

CASA@AUC, a program funded and administered exclusively by AUC, continues to change academic and career paths. AUC remains committed to delivering quality Arabic language and cultural education to its fellows. The CASA@AUC program strives to continue its instructional and cultural program by the same distinguished faculty within the Arabic department. CASA@AUC depends on philanthropic contributions. The program continues to provide most of its students with fellowships that cover tuition, support for living expenses, and international air travel. To ensure the sustainability of CASA@AUC and help grant future fellows the chance to come to Cairo and learn Arabic in a way that only cultural immersion and highly rigorous training can provide, we invite CASA and CASA@AUC alumni to join our fundraising campaign.

"CASA is the only program that I'm familiar with that actually takes you above and beyond college Arabic to the point of being truly fluent and being able to use Arabic with ease in daily life, for research, and in professional settings."

Alice Duesdieker, (CASA ’18), Master of Arts in Middle East studies, Harvard University

"It was the immersion in Egyptian culture as opposed to just the language itself that changed my views and gave me a background in the Middle East, which has lasted the rest of my life."

David Bonderman (CASA '69)
Businessman; Philanthropist; Chairman and Founding Partner, TPG Capital

"CASA crystallized my lifelong love of Egypt, of Arabic and of learning. I have had the immense good fortune of having a career that I have found to be –– like the city and the language CASA taught me about –– endlessly fascinating. Alhamdulillah!"

Lisa Anderson (CASA '76)
Former AUC President; James T. Shotwell Professor Emerita of International Relations, Columbia University